Don’t overpay for your recruiting needs!

See our Pricing Options:

Option 1

  • 10% flat fee of total compensation.  Good option if you want one key position filled.  I handle the entire process from beginning to end for as long as it takes.  $7,500 minimum charge.
  • Payment is 50% to start the project and 50% when candidate starts.

Option 2

  • Hourly charge to work on one position or multiple roles
  • This is a great option for sourcing multiple candidates.  No per hire cost.  Minimum of 120 hours time booked.  Perfect for sales positions.
  • Payment is 50% to begin project, 50% at end of project.  Can always add hours as needed.

Option 3 – Customized Solutions – contact us for a quote.

Rent the Recruiter is a price perfect recruitment outsourcing. Our model is both unique in the outsourced recruiting market and offers significant savings. Rent the Recruiter also offers you the benefit of renting a recruiting expert for a short time period without the cost of adding a full time recruiter to your company. You can use RTR on an as needed basis to help you fill positions. It is a fantastic scalable model.

Compare to 2 common recruiting outsourcing options – Contingency search and Contract to hire. Cost comparison based on a $75,000 annual compensation:

Contingency agencies will charge minimum 20% of annual compensation.

  • $75,000 X 20% = $15,000
  • Rent the recruiter cost = $7,500.
  • Rent the Recruiter cost is 50% of contingency price.

Contract to hire agencies will charge a 40% markup on the contract to hire employee.

  • $37/hour x 40% = $15/hour X 1,040 billable hours = $15,600
  • Rent the recruiter cost = $7,500.
  • This is more than 2 times the cost of Rent the Recruiter.
We are available for individual consulting as well. Contact us to discuss your specific challenge.

Pricing is paid as 50% when Rent the Recruiter is hired and 50% at the end of the project.  For longer projects monthly billing is set up.