You have a position that you need to hire someone for but don’t have the time to recruit.

Contact Rent the Recruiter

This is How it Works

30-60 minute live meeting or phone call to discuss position, budget, company culture, interviewing process, communication needed, and expectations from both sides. In person is preferred but a phone call will work if there is a need to get started immediately.

Once the position and expectations involving process are defined, a start and end date to renting the recruiter is established. You are renting a dedicated resource to help you find quality candidates and help you fill your position for 30 days.

A one page statement of work can be provided to ensure clear expectations

The cost is either up front or split for ½ up front and ½ on the back end. 50% of cost paid on front end to start the recruiting process, 50% at end of 30 days.

Rent the Recruiter and the Hiring Manager work together for 30 days to fill the position.

You hire great talent!

Woman pointing at contract while man smiles.